The project was funded by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and devised at its ‘Europe Lab’ Forum for Young Professionals.

We would like to thank the following partners for their help:

Dr Dimitri Roden from Fort Breendonk Memorial lent invaluable support by drawing our attention to Pierre Stippelmans’ story and providing his memoirs, portrait and historical photographs of Fort Breendonk.

Klara Pinerova from PolitičtíVě kindly allowed us to use her interview with Julie Hrušková for this project. We also thank Memory of Nations for providing us with historical photographs from Julie’s early life.

Special thanks go to Ivan Vasiliev from the Perm branch of Memorial, who provided us with Izrail Zektser’s portrait, memoirs and documents related to his case, and Aleksei Babii from Krasnoyarsk Memorial, who gave us permission to use the extended version of Zektser’s writings.

We thank the KARTA foundation for collecting the memoirs of Joanna Szczęsna.

Maria Axinte from Memorialul Inchisoarea Pitesti inspired us to pursue this project and supported us all the way in presenting the story of Nicolae Purcărea.